Foxy Versatile Bodysuit

Authentic Brazilian make, Californian design, and favorable details are what defines our “FOXY” Bodysuit.

The front sleek V cut and accentuating cheeky back is sexy and captures the essence of a woman in all her beauty. You'll emerge from the sun with great tan lines and a beautiful summer glow. 

The versatility of our “FOXY” one-piece suit is everlasting, with the freedom to wear it in a range of ways.

The back has 3 holes where you can loop and play with the extra long string we have created. You can tie the waist strap at the front or back in a bow or knot and choose to criss-cross the necktie or wear it to the left/right; the decision is up to you!

This bodysuit can be worn for swimming or non-swim activities; wear it with some jeans or a skirt with statement sunnies and sandals for a gorgeous summer look.

Our “FOXY” Bodysuit hugs the body in all the right places with a flattering appearance. With comfort in mind, it has lining and removable padding for your convenience and is suitable for most body types and cup sizes.

Select from four different colors and styles to suit your personality and look.

● Sexy & versatile design

● 4 different colors/patterns

● Sleek V cut and cheeky back

● Lining & removable padding

● 90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane

Care instructions

This item is handmade. Please be extra careful when caring for it. Handwash and hand dry only.

Size Chart