The thought of wearing a swimsuit does not have to send you running to the gym or giving up your favorite foods. Just check out these swimwear tips to flatter the figure you currently have.

Instead of worrying about your body and wishing you had another one, work with what you have to accentuate the positive and downplay the negative with the following swimwear fit tips.


Many of us may not have the exquisite bodies of supermodels but if we just know how to accentuate our body parts according to our body type, we’ll still look like a million bucks in our swimwear.

On the Lo cuts will accentuate your assets and show off your figure, even help you create a flattering illusion if you need it to.

Tie side bottoms, whether string or chunky, is the best way to go because you can adjust the ties so they do not cut into your sides. Brazilian-cut bottoms may make your behind look like it takes up a smaller amount of space.

On the Lo Swimwear line is designed to tuck in the stomach with its built-in tummy tamer, to give you more control and make you look slimmer.




In my own opinion, I don’t really care what other people have to say with regards to how I look in my swimsuit as long as I am confident and comfortable in it.

For someone who is well endowed with a bigger bosom, opt for a top in a halter style that shows off just a little cleavage and provides ample support. You can find tops that offer extra support, even those with cups and under wire to hold your breasts in place.

I would strongly suggest avoiding tops that offer minimal support or are flimsily giving only a small amount of coverage like those in strapless design or triangle tops.

You can never go wrong with a halter top. Halters are flattering on everyone from AA cups to DD cups and they provide great support or a little lift if you need it. For extra support for larger cup sizes try a halter with a wide band across the bottom. Triangle tops are best meant for cup sizes B and lower.

If you do have a larger cup size and want to wear a triangle top, try to find one with an underwire. With a larger cup size, wearing a triangle top without an underwire may cause your breasts to fall out of the bottom of the swimsuit. An underwire, bra-style top would best suit those with narrow shoulders and larger cup sizes. If you want a tankini, it is best to go with a v-neck line and a longer top.


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