Make Your Mind Your Bitch

Make Your Mind Your Bitch

By Golden Moeras

Have you ever felt low, and you didn’t know why? If you’re reading this, and you are a woman, you most likely blamed it on your period. I am going to stop you right there! You are not PMSing. Your hormones do affect your mood and you can have way more control if you want it. Here are some insights…

Our thoughts provoke our feelings. There is always a thought that pre-seeds the feeling. The problem is, unless you are an expert meditator, you have no clue what thoughts are swimming around in there. On top of that, you might not even be in touch with your feelings enough to identify them. Don’t worry, everyone can get good at both of these.

Next time you feel something strongly, take a moment to note the different feelings. Writing them down works best for me. For example. I feel bad. I am feeling lonely, guilty, empty and scared. Ok….What thoughts are behind these feelings? well….when many of my friends canceled last minute on my birthday, I thought I must not be much fun. I must be a bad friend to them. I suck at any kind of relationship. I am not worthy of love. I will never find my soul mate.

Now take a step back. Their actions didn’t hurt you, you hurt yourself by telling yourself mean things. Most likely, they just have busy lives, and they are still learning to manage their time like you are. They probably have no intention of hurting you. What is hurting you right now is your conclusions about the situation and your negative self talk.

“No one can hurt your feelings without your permission. It’s not what people do, or say to you- it’s what you tell yourself after they stop speaking.” -Jack Canfield

Look at it this way. If you had beautiful, naturally black hair and someone made a blonde joke about you, would it hurt your feelings?……No! Your thought process would go something like this: Weird. Ok that person is blind. Maybe they are talking about the girl behind me? You would forget about the whole thing in two minutes and not relate it to yourself.

When You get to the point where your mind has truly become your bitch, everything will feel like this. Nothing will phase you…….Trust me, I have a long way to go as well!

You can even make yourself miserable when you are not interacting with others at all. Thoughts like…..God! You are such an Idiot! Why do you always drop everything! You are worthless!…..all these thoughts can ruin your whole day and state of being.

You want to feel good more often right? Then, catch yourself saying hurtful things to yourself. Say the opposite three times. Write these positive mantras down, and say them all day every day. If you are thinking these negative things to yourself, they are probably in your subconscious belief system and we need to make a positive shift.

When other people say something hurtful to you, ask yourself if this is true. Remember, YOU are not that thing. You may do that thing, or have that thing, but you are amazing! If it is true, just thank them and change it. If it is not, smile to yourself and silently send them love. They probably projected it on to you, because they probably hate it about themselves.

Staying happy is constant work, but it is definitely worth it. Work on your mind and everything else will fall into place. Please subscribe, share with your friends, and comment.

Golden Moeras
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